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Ruby D.
San Diego, Ca 8/19/2010

Alfredo is the best electrician ever! very professional, honest and prides himself in the quality of his work. a happy client is a repeat customer for life. will definitely recommend him to my family and friends. thank you, Alfredo :)


Dennis R.
Lakeside, CA

Brilliant Electric Was Great

Would recommend to anyone

Some of the strong points are: Good Value, Easy to Reach by Phone, On Time, Good Communication, and did a Great Job of trouble shooting my problem and had the system working in short order.


Professional History

    I was trained to be San Diego's Electrician. Back in 1998, I worked for a small mom and pop shop for 2yrs, Andrew Electric. Being the only apprentice of three great journeyman electricians was great. I was exposed to alot and was assigned heavy tasks right from the get go. I got to work directly under them, I learned fast and learned great electrical habits, quality work. I was involved in doing alot of the TI's (big office rooms) over by the Pyramid in Miramar and the Police Acadamy building in Mira Mesa. Also worked on parking structures in down town San Diego. We did a few gas stations from the ground - up and a couple projects in Camp Pendleton. Also a few custom homes. 
    Then I went to work for a big company for 5yrs, Gould Electric. I came in as the highest paid apprentice because I was worth it....eventually became lead apprentice. Working for Gould was great, I gained alot of experience with commercial electric, it is here where I can credit my electrical expertise, it was very interesting to do all the prep work, wiring, finish and test work. All from start to finish. I was involved with alot of the additions to Viejas Casino, and the entire AC system on the roof. Also some additions at Barona Casino, and the entire Pro Shop for the Barona Golf Course. And the ten story high rise hotel at Pala Casino. I was involved in alot of the new construction & school remodels in La Mesa Elementary / SDSU Science Building (new construction five stories) / Oceanside High School (remodel & new construction, three story science building) / Temecula Elementary (new construction) / Del Mar Elementary. Also the building addition for the Navy Seals training camp in Coronado Island.
     After all this went to work for another small shop Belco Electric, for 2 yrs I was involved in running entire jobs under the direction of the owner, great electrician. We did alot of fire restoration jobs, most of the time complete rewires. A bit of industrial work. And allot of service upgrades and troubleshooting. 
    Then I teamed up with another small shop George A Bowlby Electric, for 2 yrs, I also got to work directly with the owner, Great old school Electrician, learned allot of tricks of the trade along with some new techniques and mastered my troubleshooting skills. We did alot of new custom homes through out Crest / Harbison Canyon / and Alpine, all areas that were affected by the October fires of 2003. Also wired custom homes in Borrego Dessert. 
    All This brings me to were I'm at now! Working for these last two companies really refined me as a great electrician. I polished my Electrical Expertise, refined the Quality of my Electrical Work, and came to Appreciate the customer as I also worked face to face with them, constantly working to Deliver Satisfying Results. Brilliant Electric was established in 2008. 

About the Owner

    The Owner myself ( Alfredo Carreno ), has been in the Electrical field since 1998 and learning from San Diego's best Electricians. I've also received training from ROP Electrical Construction 1yr. ABC Associated Builders & Contractors Electrical Apprenticeship 4yrs, graduated in 2005 From San Diego City Collage. Soon after got my State Certification as a State Certified General Electrician. Soon after that I got my Electrical Contractors License, with great eagerness of going to work for myself and establishing Brilliant Electric as the most professional Electrical Company in San Diego. 
    Being well rounded in both Commercial and Residential Electrical has been quite interesting however I chose to specialize in custom homes, mainly because of dealing with the creative minds of the homeowner.
    San Diego Electrician serving San Diego since 98 and looking to serve you. I offer a high quality of professionalism regardless of the size and price of the job. I pride myself on old fashion values and great craftsmanship. Prices are fair and competitive, Proud to stand by all our work 100%. Life time customers is our objective.
Thank You for choosing

Brilliant Electric is San Diego's Electrician! We are a Full Service Electrical Company. We are well rounded in both Residential & Commercial. We do it all from the underground phase to complete wiring to trim and finish. Give us a call, you will not be dissapointed, let us know how we can earn your buisness. We take great pride and stand by all of our work 100%. But above all, we value our customers and aim to please. 
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