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   Brilliant Electric is San Diego's most Professional Electrician. Providing the Highest Quality of Customer Satisfaction on top of Electrical Expertise, Skillful Electrical Work and Competitive Prices. 
San Diego Electrician serving San Diego since 98 and looking to serve you. We offer a high quality of professionalism regardless of the size and price of the job. We pride ourselves on old fashion values and great craftsmanship. Our prices are fair and competitive, we take pride and stand by all our work 100%. Lifetime customers is our objective.

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"The bitter memory of poor quality lingers long after the sweet sound of a low price is forgotten." ~ John Shepard

Jerald W.

     El Cajon, CA

I call Brilliant on a weekend and speak with a human! not a voice mail or answering service!
I speak with the owner! We discuss my problem and he offers suggested fixes.
I have a very old (25+) electric panel and I suggest replacing. It's currently 100 Amp, I suggest upgrading to a 200amp. He comes to look at it on Monday, spends a lot of time with me.
He informs me that all I need is to replace a fuse, that I am not really anywhere near current 100Amp capacity and that a 200 Amp job would require MAJOR trenching/jackhammering my looooong driveway. He could have had a week's worth of work and several thousand dollars - instead, he goes to local electrical supply (he didnt have part for my old system), buys part, and charges me only $45 dollars plus the part. His normal fee is $65 for a house call, but he gave me $20 off for using Yelp to find him. Needless to say, I tipped him that $20 dollars, thanked him for his honesty.
I think I have found a humble, hardworking, HONEST, electrician!"!/pages/Brilliant-Electric-Brilliant-Re
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Brilliant Electric is San Diego's Electrician! We are a Full Service Electrical Company. We are well rounded in both Residential & Commercial. We do it all from the underground phase to complete wiring to trim and finish. Give us a call, you will not be disappointed, let us know how we can earn your business. We take great pride and stand by all of our work 100%. Life time customers is our objective.
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