Brilliant Electric prides itself on craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We invite you to read about our customers' experiences. Lifetime customers are our objective.

Bringing NEC (national electrical code) educated & knowledgeable electricians is what helps us guarantee our work 100%.  Craftsmanship, customer satisfaction & safety to structure and personnel is what matters most!!!

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"The work I do for you today is my reputation for tomorrow"

Derek J.

      San Diego, CA

        Outstanding service! Alfredo was awesome. Here way my situation: It was the day before my housewarming party and I was fixing up some last minute things before the big day. I decided it would be a good idea to change out a few electrical outlets - in hindsight, NOT a very good idea the day before I will have over 30 guests in my home.  I was changing the last outlet in the bathroom and hit a snag. I couldn't get the light to come on. I frantically called a bunch of electricians and finally got through to Alfredo. It was too short of notice to get someone out to my house, but Alfredo walked me through the process over the phone! We figured out a wire was broken and that took care of it. No charge, no complaints about walking me through the whole process, just great customer service. If I ever need an electrician he'll be the first that I will call!

Mike S.

      Lakeside, CA

     "Wow! Stellar customer service! 

Situation: It's a Saturday and I'm having trouble with my dishwasher not turning on.  I called Brilliant and they said they only have emergency service at $300. BUT! They said if that was too much they could help me out over the phone (FOR FREE!). They cheerfully and without complaint or attitude spent over 15 minutes on the phone diagnosing the problem. 

Result: Even though I wasn't able to fix the problem it still shows how great the folks who work here are and how they genuinely care about helping you out."

Sharonne K.

      La Mesa, CA

     "My experience with Brilliant Electric was wonderful!!  Alfredo and his crew, Caesar and Jose, were great and the work was superb.  They were all so courteous, polite, trustworthy and dedicated to doing professional work. When I wasn't sure about something they made great suggestions. I am very satisfied with all the work they did, and there was a lot I need done.  They will be my "go to" electricians for any future work. Plus they're very reasonable - what more can you ask for!!"

Kim C.

      San Diego, CA

     "I needed an electrician to change a switch on our ceiling fan.  I found Brilliant Electric online and based on their reviews, decided to give them a call.  Alfredo the owner called me back personally and was able to get us scheduled for a visit to see what we wanted right away.  He let me chose a time around my work schedule and was very accommodating.  They not only came and changed out the fan switch, but gave us some great advice and resolution regarding another issue I asked about.  Alfredo ended up doing a bit more work than we had originally signed up for and didn't even charge us!  He was awesome and I completely trusted his opinion on our project.  He could have really taken this job to another level, yet was honest, extremely reasonable and I appreciated him keeping our job within the budget we had set. They even sent me a follow up card thanking me for my business that was hand written, not a generic thank you card.... I was so impressed people even do this still!  I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and HIGHLY recommend Brilliant Electric~ Thank you to Alfredo and his team."

Brandie M.

      El Cajon, CA

     "I just came home to a job well done!!  This company is the best hands down..  I needed to create a little work space and left it all in Alfredo's hands..  He had his team run electrical wire inside wall and install GFI, 2 quad receptacles n switch for new under cabinet light install. They patched and cleaned so well that you couldn't even tell they were there! . They are a tamper proof kind so that my lil boys can't stick anything inside..  Also what I really appreciated more then anything was that they put a plastic liner all over the area they would be walking on and also covered my rug;they then put that plastic liner to enclose the space they were gonna be working in to keep any debris contained..  To me this shows genuine concern and respect for my home.. Lastly I had to leave the house and they made sure that it looked like they had never even been here!! They like i said before cleaned up, moved things back, and put things the way they were before they locked up..  So needless to say I came home a happy camper to see a beautiful looking workpace.. Thanks again Brilliant Electric! 
PS this was probably a tiny job considering some of the other work I've seen them do and never once did I feel like i was on the back burner or not as important as a bigger job!"

Eddie J.

      Wake Forest, NC

     "When we sold our house and had a home inspection done, we needed to replace a few GFIs for the new owner.  We had limited time, and wanted it done right.  So I called Brilliant Electric.  They sent a guy fast, he was a pro and quickly took care of the problem.  Best of all, no price gouging.  They were fast and fair!  Rare in this day and age.

If I still lived in the area, these guys would be my go-to electricians 100% of the time."

Catherine L.

      San Diego, CA

     "I'm in escrow on my home and needed some electrical work done on my home to pass inspection. I called Brilliant Electric and they sent someone over in a couple of hours. Jose was super friendly and professional and he got the work done quickly. He was very thorough and even did extra work that I didn't request. Thank you for making my life easier!"

Sarah F.

      San Diego, CA

     "I called Alfredo after reading all these great reviews. I needed some electrical outlets upgraded in my kitchen and bathrooms. Alfredo was able to send someone to my house the same day. Jose and his team gave me a great quote and the work started and finished that day! After installing the new outlets, Jose offered to check some of my other existing outlets that had been "redone" before I purchased the house. It turns out that some of them were improperly installed ( the electrical box inside the wall wasn't even screwed in! It was just dangling behind the face plate! Sooo dangerous! And I wasn't even aware of it!) Jose reinstalled them for me, the right way! I am so grateful!  The guys were friendly, courteous and very clean. They covered all the counters with plastic and cleaned up before they left! I will definitely be calling Brilliant Electric again. If you are debating who to call, you can stop reading reviews! These are the people to call! You will not regret it!"

Marie A.

      San Diego, CA

     "Had more electrical work that needed to be done and based on the outstanding service I received the first time, I called Brilliant Electric again.  Needed 8 fire alarms replaced. As always, they were punctual, which is very important to me.  Again, they very careful and respectful of my property.  They did an awesome job!  My fire alarms are all working and they look great!   Alfred Carreno is a class act and he truly appreciates his clients.  And he certainly doesn't take advantage of them as some do!  He is very reasonable in his prices.  We are so lucky to have found this company.  Call them!  You won't be disappointed."

Allen T.

      San Diego, CA

     "Alfredo and his crew were awesome. I needed some electrical work in my bathroom and I found Brilliant Electric through Yelp. Filled out the contact form and they got back to me the same day and came out the day after. His guy came out and the work was done in about 30 minutes with no issues whatsoever. I highly recommend them."

Julio R.

      El Cajon, CA

     "My circuit breaker tripped tried to reset it myself but failed miserably. Hopped on yelp and found Brilliant Electric,  Alfredo is very professional even came over to see what the problem was free of charge. He was very informational and actually taught me a couple of things incase it happened again. I  would absolutely recommended Brilliant Electric to friends and family."

Adam H.

      La Mesa, CA

     "Great company, great personalized service! We will continue to use these guys any time we need an electrician."

Tim S.

      Surprise, AZ

     "Alfredo and his guys were AWESOME!  

I needed a few things done in my house in regards to some electrical work.  I actually tried to get in touch with a past company I had used before but they were delayed in responding so I thought I would give Brilliant Electric a try.  I am glad I did!  I called Alfredo and set up an estimate for the following day.  He came by, right on time, surveyed my job and gave me a quote to do the work.  I needed 2 ceiling fans replaced and a few outlets fixed up.  We set up an appointment for a few days later.  It turned out that they actually could get it done sooner than expected so that was a score in my book.

Alfredo sent out Cesar and Jose.  I thought I recognized Cesar when he came up to the door but I didn't say anything.  A little bit later, he mentioned to me that my house looked familiar.  Turns out that he actually installed a vent fan and did some other electrical work for me in the past with a different company.  Small world.  Anyways...... The guys installed my ceiling fans and got my outlets hooked up.  They didn't waste any time, did a FANTASTIC job and were cool guys too.  We shot the shit about a whole bunch of things while they were working.

They respond quick, do great work, are really friendly plus have great rates!  That is everything you want in an electrician!  I will definitely be using them again if I need any more electrical needs!"

Sheela F.

      El Cajon, CA

     "Alfredo is very professional and very knowledgeable. We had a bad circuit on a part of house around night time and he still came at night. He's very helpful and gave us some tips on preventing short circuit. I would recommend them to everyone who read this review and all to my friends. Especially for those who looking for honest and very helpful electrician. Choose them."

Juliann A.

      San Diego, CA

     "With several electrical problems to address, I turned to Yelp, and then to Brilliant Electric. Alfredo, Jose, and the team were fantastic! I asked for an estimate because I wanted to get bids from other companies based upon the amount and complexity of the work. It was an easy choice to go with Brilliant. They were professional, arrived on time, repaired the problems, and cleaned up before they left. Alfredo followed up to make sure the work was done to our satisfaction. Five stars all day long for this very "brilliant" company!"

Bill N.

      Lakeside, CA

     "I was impressed by the reviews on yelp and contacted Brilliant Electric. Alfredo contacted me promptly and provided a proposal for outlets and garage lighting. His crew came this past Friday and I was very happy with their work. The professionalism and work ethic these guys have is second to none. I would recommend these guys to anyone."

Bryant H.

      Los Angeles, CA

     "I needed a doorbell replaced in my rental property. The day prior I bought a new doorbell and other items I thought I would need to replace it but as it turned out I wasn't in the mood to do it once I got to the property. I called brilliant and spoke with Alfredo. He quoted me a price and set a appt for noon the following day. 
At noonish (ran a little late because they were busy at another job) Caesar was at my house and hooked up the doorbell with professionalism and I was a happy customer...tenants as well. I will keep this business in my phone for any other electrical needs that are out if my handyman range. 
Highly recommended!"

Joseph S.

      Santee, CA

     "The Best Service ever!
I had some problems with the electrical system in my home. I called at around 12 noon and spoke with Alfredo. He was upfront with all possible charges. He was very professional on the phone. At 2:30 the electricians were here!
It was Jose Castillo and a helper. Both very nice and professional. They diagnosed
the problem and fixed it. GREAT Service! Would recommend Brilliant Electric to everyone. I know I'm keeping their card handy.
Joseph from Santee, Ca."

Gary P.

      El Cajon, CA

     "Alfredo came to our house on 4th of July because my dog chewed through the Ac wire. He can out to help with in a hour and fixed it. Alfredo is very nice and appreciate our business. I highly recommend him for whatever you need"

James S.

      El Cajon, CA

     "Alfredo showed up at my residence as promised and assessed a variety of concerns with the utmost patience and courtesy. He was not only polite and conscientious, he was generous with his time. He made several recommendations and one quick fix. He proved honest, reliable, and trustworthy in the short time he spent at our house. I would recommend Brilliant Electric and Alfredo to any home or business owner anywhere in San Diego County. Thanks again."

G D.

      Santee, CA

     "My Mom called and said she needed a light switch replaced. Sure that I could do it i stopped at Home Depot, grabbed a switch and headed over.  Well the switch was in a box with Two other switches and a ceiling fan connection.  Deciding to replace them all
I took everything out and several hours later realized there were way too many wires for me to ever get it right.  so there I was with a living room with no lights, power to outlets history.  No TV  oh no!!

I decided It was time for help and found this company on yelp with great sounding reviews so I called,  Well all the great reviews were 100% correct.  I called @ 2p Monday, Alfredo the owner answered the phone, listened to my problem and quoted  a price I found fair and told me he would have someone there at 9am the next morning.  At exactly 9am (not 9:01) Jose was at the door. (when was the last time you had any service company arrive on time?)

Jose came in, undid my handy work, took care of the problem and proved to be very friendly and professional while doing it.  It took more time due to my handyman skills than I think they thought it would but when I asked what I owed it was LESS than the original estimate. Before he left he cleaned the work area which consisted of my debris not his and was on his way.

I couldn't be any more satisfied about my experience with this company, And to top it off Alfredo called the next day just to be sure it all went well!  This is my first and maybe only yelp review, Just not something i would normally do.  but they were great and if you need an electrician, this is the call to make"


      Alpine, CA

     "After calling a few different electricians, I received a prompt and professional response from Alfredo.  Alfredo walked through the house as I explained what I needed and he wrote up a scratch proposal then sent me the bid over email the following day.  

Alfredo and two other workers completed the work in a timely fashion.  Their work was professional and neat.  They installed ceiling fan boxes in two rooms, installed three fans, did some trouble shooting and repair to the low voltage lights and to the wiring for a pump on a waterfall.   A few cuts were made in the wall and ceiling in one of the rooms where a ceiling box fan was installed and the patches were done well.  The work was completed on time and for the price that was agreed upon.  

I called Alfredo for a second job where my garage, yard and bathrooms were rewired.  Again the work was completed timely and for the price agreed upon.  The same guys showed up and did a good job.  Additionally, without an extra charge, they fixed and rewired something the previous owner had done that was not up to code.  

I appreciate the work they did and I'll call Brilliant Electric again before anyone else when I need electrical work done."

Brian S.

     San Diego, CA

     "Excellent work and will hire again if I need their help.  Home inspection during my buy of a condo found the subpanel to not be up to code.  Alfredo replaced the subpanel and noted that the GFIs in the master bathroom were not working because one of the circuits had been overloaded and saw signs of scorching and smoke.  He had to cut through the ceiling to rewire to the bedroom.  Work was clean and excellent job buttoning up the knock outs.  Fixed code issues and possible fire hazards for extremely reasonable cost."

Navarro J.

     El Cajon, CA

     "We are writing to commend, Alfredo Carrena, of Brillliant Electric for exceptional professional services he provided not only to us but also many other residents of Pecan Community Association.  This observation stems from an obvious respect obtained through comments by homeowners, phone conversations and several visits made by him to our park.  

You see, we live in a close knit community, so closely positioned that one action may have impact on many.  Frequently, we call upon Mr. Carrena to address electrical issues.  He always does a fine job, exceeding our expectations, with exceptional professional insight and experience.

Effectively enforcing code issues, Alfredo has developed trust and respect within this community.  We have come to rely upon his exceptional wisdom to properly assess and deal with health and safety issues. He is caring, informative, experienced, understanding, patient, and intelligent.  A great communicator, he listens effectively and provides only quality information..  

The "bottom line" is that Mr. Carrena has earned every word through his dedication to help make our homes and families safe and comfortable.  The combination of professionalism, expertise, dedication, and quality service displayed by Mr. Carena is impressive. A valued resource, he is exceptional, a tremendous asset to our community.

    Alfredo, thank you so much,

    Navarro and Sheila Jones

Ronald C.

     El Cajon, CA

     "I called brilliant electric on a problem at home. they said they were booked up all that day, but they could stop by in late afternoon, which they did. in no time they found my problem,fixed it,and were gone. great service, good price,nice guys. they know there stuff."

Sean J.

     San Diego, CA

     "I used Brilliant electric to run power to a switch to my fan and change my fan in the living room to a Italian glass chandelier! Alfredo came out the next day to give me a quote. I also had him inspect my panel and subpanel since I just bought a new home...well new to me it's 60 yrs old this year. He was able to show me opportunities to make my house electrically safe and give me a few different options to choose from to save cost while keeping up to the newest codes. When the time comes for any other work there isn't anyone else I would call. I would definitely recommend Alfredo to my friends and family!!!"

Bruce V.

     El Cajon, CA

     "We needed to run electrical out to a new jacuzzi and Alfredo came out, gave us a free estimate with a complete breakdown of the cost. We set a date and he came out and took care of business. They did a lot of work and all of it was quality workmanship! He pays a lot of attention to the aesthetics and we couldn't be happier with the end result!! He will definitely get my repeat business!!

Side note: He does outstanding concrete repair too!!! Had to give him some props there!!"


     San Diego, CA

     "good customer service and good, professional electrician."

Sean B.

     El Cajon, CA

      "Great service, fast response, and top notch work performed. I would highly recommend  Brilliant Electric and will be using them for any future electrical work."

Marc E.

     Little Italy, San Diego, CA

     "Alfredo was extremely prompt and solved the issue right away. Alfredo did a fantastic job explaining the issue in layman's terms."

Victor P.

     San Diego, CA

     "Alfredo is extremely honest and very trustworthy.  I originally wanted to go underground but the project was twice as much and filled with tons of red tape.  But Alfredo still got the ball rolling for me knowing my budget and time line would make this project close to impossible.  Once I realized I no longer wanted to go that route, he told me the only money I lost was for the SDG&E permits.  I didn't have to pay for any of his time spent on the project!  How often does that happen?! I work as a property manager and know what contractors try to do to get as much money as possible without putting in the work.  He made sure all permits were pulled and contacted me every step of the way.  If you are looking for a fair price and a good job, Alfredo and Brilliant Electric are the guys for you!  My mid century modern  project thanks Alfredo, too!"

Suzanne C.

     Alpine, CA

     "Was very prompt to come to job when called. Helped with getting electric to refrigerator until problem was fixed. Started next day and finished the day after that. Was very satisfied with the completed job."

Matthew P.

     San Diego, CA

     "If you need any electric work done these are the guys to call.  They are fair and they get everything done quickly.  He is responsive when you call and he has even come out the same day to do work. If you want someone reliable, honest, and fair these are the guys you want to call."

Steven O.

     La Mesa, CA

     "Alfredo has done a variety of electrical jobs for me over the last few years, including all of the rewiring and installation of fixtures, switches, and outlets for a garage to bedroom conversion.  He is very competent, pleasant, reliable, and professional.  His fees are extremely reasonable and competitive, and much less than what many electrical contractors charge.  Once of his associates snaked and installed a new receptacle yesterday and did a first class job for a very reasonable  price.   I highly recommend Alfredo and Brilliant Electric."

Mary K.

     San Diego, CA

     "I have found Brilliant Electric to be the best thus far for all my home electrical needs. Alfredo is very knowledgeable and professional! Great customer service and fantastic Installers like Jose also very knowledgeable. I plan on using this company for all my wiring needs and updates to my 1959 home! Thanks for being a Great Dependable and Reasonable company!!!"

Richard M.

     San Diego, CA

     "I had 8 recessed lights installed and hard wired 7 smoke detectors.  Alfredo and Jose provided a very professional service.   There was no hassle, fair prices, and excellent work...what more do you need?  I highly recommend Brilliant Electric.  I will definitely use them in the future."

Paty S.

     Alpine, CA

     "For the past 2 years I have had several HVAC companies out to my house because 1 of 3 zoned AC units kept going out. Finally, one of the HVAC companies suggested that I call an electrician because the problem was with the breaker. I Contacted Brilliant Electric. Alfredo was prompt, professional, thorough, and reasonable. All his suggestions and trouble-shooting were spot on. My AC unit has not had any problems since he repaired the breaker. He always delivered more than he promised.  Thank you for your professionalism and care."

Timothy F.

      San Diego, CA

     "We had Alfredo out to re-wire our house. In the middle of it I thought it would be great since a bunch of wires were already being ran to run some low voltage CAT5 Ethernet for the internet since the WiFi wouldn't reach outside. Not only did he say he could do it but switched midstream and completed the job beyond my expectations. Then, we had a backup generator that had been sitting for several years and we decided it was time to see if we could get it wired it and set up. Alfredo did a beautiful job wiring and installing the service boxes plus created a simple, logical and sensible Panel Schedule so finally after 40 years we actually know which circuit goes where. lol!"

Ron S.

     La Mesa, CA

     "I am not often impressed by many business professionals however wanted to leave this for Brilliant Electric and its owner Alfredo Carreno. Mr. Carreno was used in our recent home remodel after purchasing a new home. He and his employees were very polite, professional and clean. Mr. Carreno was attentive to our needs, was prompt on work days (so great) and checked with us continually to make sure we were provided with everything we asked for. I would definitely recommend Brilliant Electric to others."

Chris P.

     La Mesa, CA

     "Alfredo is the best!!!  I was in a bind with the sale of my home and the request for repairs.  Here comes Alfredo to my rescue, he is such a gentleman.  First time I met Alfredo, he was recommended by Warm Hearth for my electrical work on the gas insert I purchased.  From that moment on, he is the ONLY electrician I will use.  Not sure what I will do after I move back to the east coast.  Maybe take him with me, if he'll go.  His pricing is excellent, his work is impeccable and most of all he's HONEST and that means everything!

Thank you Alfredo!!"

Nichole B.

      El Cajon, CA

     "Brilliant Electric is great. Alfredo and his guys are friendly and efficient. They got the work done quickly, leaving our place clean when they were finished. The work was affordable. We will definitely have Alfredo out if we need work in the future."

Jan S.

     El Cajon, CA

     "Had a problem with all circuits going out in my mobile home. Brilliant was recommended to me by a friend and I checked out their yelp review listing. I called 2 other local electricians and found Alfredo to be the most upfront on explaining charges and not trying to sell me anything I didn't need. He arrived at my home in a timely manner, troubleshot the problem, and found it to be a problem with my connection to the mobile home parks system. He repaired burnt out outlets etc. quickly. He was a gentleman the whole time and very respectful, even waited outside while I contacted the manager. His charges were very reasonable and I even got a senior discount! He also checked back with me several times to make sure the park had taken care of the problem! What service and caring in today's world!"

Jonathon H.

El Cajon, CA


You saved me from yet another misguided ambitious electrical home improvement project. Thanks for coming out so fast and for doing such a beautiful job. I tell all my friends and neighbors... YOU ARE THE BEST!!!


Brilliant Electric!!! Whatever electrical service need you may have, you can be sure that Alfredo will get the job done right, and with a smile. I originally found Alfredo on Craigslist and he has come through on multiple jobs for me with the right price and flawless work. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. Both quality and aesthetics matter to Alfredo. He goes the extra mile to make sure his work is to code with top quality equipment and clean placement that looks, well, BRILLIANT!!! Thanks again Alfredo...

Jule E.

     La Jolla, CA

     "I am involved in a very large project in La Jolla and was told that I should contact Brilliant Electric for my fireplace renovation that needed electrical added.  They were very professional and performed on time.  Thank you Alfredo and your staff that met our needs!  Will be calling you again!"

Lisa K.

     San Diego, CA

     "Alfredo is the best! We have had him out twice to do two separate jobs for us. He knows his stuff and does great work. I would highly recommend Brilliant Electric!!"

Brian K.

     Lemon Grove, CA

     "Alfredo is a fantastic electrician, he is super friendly and professional.  His rates are very reasonable and he will give you options to fit your budget.  Call him if you have any electrical issues, you will not be disappointed."

Silvia S.

     El Cajon, CA

     "Alfredo and Justin replaced all of our old and disintegrating electrical receptacles and switches in A VERY OLD HOUSE. They are personable and professional. Both are polite and patient in answering our questions. High recommendation for Brilliant Electric! Thanks guys!"

Hunter H.

     San Diego, CA

     4/22/2014  Updated Review*


     "Probably the most honest contractor I ever met. Alfredo is great to work with. I've recommended him to several people who are just as pleased as I am with him"


     "Found Alfredo on yelp and must admit, I'm not a yelper.....too many people with an axe to grind. Anyway, this guy is top notch. Very friendly, considerate, and pleasant to talk through the process. I'm always the one asking a million questions so I can learn and Alfredo was very patient explaining the process while he was working. I would HIGHLY recommend this guy and am planning for him to do a service upgrade on one of my rental units."

Jeff S.

       La Mesa, CA

     "Found Alfredo on yelp and must admit, I'm not a yelper.....too many people with an axe to grind. Anyway, this guy is top notch. Very friendly, considerate, and pleasant to talk through the process. I'm always the one asking a million questions so I can learn and Alfredo was very patient explaining the process while he was working. I would HIGHLY recommend this guy and am planning for him to do a service upgrade on one of my rental units."

Sandra A.

San Diego, CA


     "Brilliant Electric was recommended to me by my plumber. I can honestly say I am very grateful for the service I got by Alfredo and his crew. They worked on my house for two months doing a complete rewire. My house was built in 1958 and had been remodeled several times. There were many corrections needed to bring the house up to code. They were very concerned with doing a good job, keeping the mess down as much as possible and customer service all the way. Believe me I can't imagine having someone else do the rewire. It is an intensive amount of work and all the holes they have to make to pull new wire make dust like crazy. Thankfully, Alfredo and his crew cleaned up at the end of each day and also filled the holes when they were done and replastered. I don't know of any other electrician that would do that. I highly recommend Brilliant Electric."

Fred J.

      La Mesa, CA


     "I was doing my own kitchen remodel with cabinets from IKEA but new electrical outlets for lights and dishwasher were beyond me. I called Brilliant Electric and they came out, made some good suggestions that I had not thought about and got to work the next day. The work done was first class and they kept the job-site clean which was important since we are living in the house. The price was fair and I would call them back for any future electrical work."

J M.

      El Cajon, CA

     "Alfredo, answered my call right away and pretty much knew what the problem was over the phone. He was able to come out the next morning and gave me honest and affordable options. He is very knowledgeable and clearly explained what he would be doing. He also answered ALL my questions. Within a few hours he completed the repair. He is a very careful and clean worker. I will definitely have him back for any future electrical work and will refer him to my friends and family! Thanks!"

Vicky S.

      El Cajon, CA

     "Some of my rooms did not have electric, I checked the circuit breaker it was OK I do have electric go to the room but some where along the line I have a problem, I call Alfredo he was on a job and have another one to go to before he can come to work on my problem but fortunately I live very close to where he is working so he said before he go to the next job he can stop by really quick to see what the problem is. I thought it will take awhile to pin point where the problem is, but Alfredo is very fast in less then an hour actually closer to 30 min he knew exactly where the problem is after he fixed it he offer to put all the missing light bulb in the kitchen for me I asked him how much to install the a new light he said it would cost a bout $65 I am on a budget so I told him I will do it myself when my arm getting better. He looked at my arm and offer to install it for free. Alfredo knowledge about electric is impressive but above all he is kind and pleasant too"

Darren S.

    El Cajon, CA

     "I normally do not write reviews unless I get terrible service, but this is an exception. I called Alfredo on the Tuesday before Christmas because my wife wanted our TV mounted above the fireplace, with an outlet and hdmi hook up. Even with all of the other projects he was working on, he was eager to earn my business and was there by Thursday to do the job. I called other companies, most could not do it until after Christmas, and those that could were over charging. Alfredo got it done quickly and was half the price of the larger companies, and did an outstanding job. Alfredo is fair in his pricing and performs his job with excellence. Thanks Alfredo!"

Jonathon M.

      San Diego, CA


     "Thank you Brilliant Electric for coming out to my home and not only trouble shooting some issues but helping us fix the issues that same day. Great prices and great customer service, I will use your company again and will refer your excellent work to my family and friends when they need someone with integrity! - great job, great service."

George M.

      El Cajon, CA


     "My wife and I have been very pleased with Alfredo's electrical work. We had a flickering light which no one had figured out what was wrong. Alfredo figured out that it was a bad circuit breaker and the problem went away. We also called him recently about a bad kitchen light and he figured out what was wrong. He is easy to work with and we would recommend him. His prices were reasonable."

John S.

      San Diego, CA


     "Alfredo provided me clean and fast electrical outlet installation and management of wires for my wall-mounted tv and soundbar - and at a fair price too. He and his assistant were polite and respectful while in our home and cleaned up nicely after the work was finished. I will add that it is a little difficult to pin Alfredo down, but if you're persistent enough to secure his services, you won't be disappointed."

Len C.

      San Diego, CA

     "Thank you Brilliant Electric for coming out to my home and not only trouble shooting some issues but helping us fix the issues that same day. Great prices and great customer service, I will use your company again and will refer your excellent work to my family and friends when they need someone with integrity! - great job, great service."

Gerry R.

      El Cajon, CA

     "Wow!!! What a great job, well and completely done and completed at a fair and
reasonable price. Can you asked for more? Alfredo impressed me with his knowledge, efficiency and the ability to get the job done as promised. I tend to ask back contractors who do an outstanding job. Brilliant Electric will be on my preferred list for many years to come. As an added bonus, Alfredo was pleasant and courteous from the minute he walked in the door until he left! I would recommend him without hesitation!"

Joe H.

     San Diego, CA

i've recently had Brilliant Electric come and fix my ceiling fan and lights in my back patio. He did it fast, neat, and courteously. i highly recommend his services to everyone.

Catrina T.

     San Diego, CA

Thanks so much for all of the work you did! I couldn't have asked for a better electrician. I will definitely give you a call if I need any future electrical work done!

Kristen W.

      El Cajon, CA

     "We went with Brilliant Electric because of the great reviews on yelp. THEY WERE RIGHT!! Alfredo is the best! I called him early this morning because we had sparks coming out of an electrical outlet. Alfredo rearranged his schedule to come (within 45 minutes) and fix our problem. He was so kind, professional, and went above and beyond to check the codes of our wires, and breaker boxes. He didn't have to do it, but he did. He also suggested some things we can do to make our house safer, because we have aluminum wires. His prices were extremely reasonable, and he even gave me 10% off because I "liked" him on facebook. I'd recommend him to anyone, and will use only him for all our future electrician needs!"

Shanelle J.

     San Diego, CA


Alfredo, thanks so much for the electrical repairs you completed for the Air Conditioning Unit at our house. Your timeliness and professionalism were impeccable. I will recommend you to anyone that needs an electrician. Keep up the good work!!

Steve O.

San Diego, CA


     Alfredo handled all of the electrical work for our garage remodel. He installed four ceiling junction boxes for the light fixtures, replaced a number switches, relocated a sprinkler controller, and was very creative in finding solutions to problems. He was reasonably priced, competent, pleasant to work with, and paid attention to detail.

Kathleen L.

      El Cajon, CA

     "This is my first review on Yelp.

      I found Brilliant Electric on Yelp and called Alfredo. I found him to be very knowledgeable about my ancient Pushmatic breaker box and he even told me where to get a new circuit breaker for a great price. He showed up on time, was polite and a great conversationalist. Being a proud longtime resident of El Cajon, I am happy to support one of our own local homegrown boys. And you can't beat the price. Don't even think twice about calling him. Just do it. You won't be disappointed."

Michelle C.

  San Diego, CA


  Thanks for hookin it up! : ) Michelle & Brian

Sree G.

     San Diego, CA


   Alfredo recently installed six ceiling fans for us at our home in Blossom Valley (San Diego County), including wiring rooms without attic access! He was professional, courteous, very reasonably priced and a pleasure to work with. He has become our "go to" Contractor for all things electrical.

Jonathan H.

     San Diego, CA

    "Brilliant Electric!!!  Whatever electrical service need you may have, you can be sure that Alfredo will get the job done right, and with a smile.  I originally found Alfredo on Craigslist and he has come through on multiple jobs for me with the right price and flawless work.  He is the nicest guy you will ever meet.  Both quality and aesthetics matter to Alfredo.  He goes the extra mile to make sure his work is to code with top quality equipment and clean placement that looks, well, BRILLIANT!!!
Thanks again Alfredo..."

Michela P.

    San Diego, CA


     Alfredo did some work at your house on our pool pump and other few works at my rental properties. Reliable, honest and great job. I will always call him for future works. Highly recommended!

Jon W.

    San Diego, CA


  Thanks for the awesome job in resolving out circuit breaker issues when using the oven. We can finally cook at "full blast" again!

Rev. Wil H.

    El Cajon, CA


    "Alfredo is FANTASTIC!!!
On New Years Eve our home had an electrical problem. All we knew was that the power went out and we smelt smoke! After contacting our landlord, we immediately contacted Alfredo. This would be his second job for us but we felt a little apprehensive calling him on a holiday. Nevertheless, he returned all call and came out in the morning to fix it.

With family in town and children everywhere Alfredo was very professional weaving through the traffic to successfully and efficiently repair our electrical problem. He even checked our electric heater to ensure we're using it safely!

Over the years we have used several different electricians with mostly poor results. But I am very confident that we have found a great electrician whom will continue to receive our business.

It's very rare to find honest and respectful proprietors who exhibit the quality and proficiency of Alfredo Carreno. I recommend Mr. Carreno and Brilliant Electric to all who need electrical service."

Dan E.

     El Cajon, CA


    "Found brilliant through a friend. The recommendation turned out to be a great one. Good clean work and on time. Was very good in explaining our options and never strayed from the true price, or tried to put add on's. Would recommend him to anyone."

Lorna R.

     El Cajon, CA


Alfredo replaced a breaker switch for me today and now everything works again! He took the time to explain the root of the problem to me in an understandable way. His approach to business shows that this electrician has integrity. I will refer him to anyone that needs electrical work done.

Bill R.

     El Cajon, CA


    "Well i thought i posted this a few weeks backs...Similar type story. I googled el cajon electrician. Read the yelp review and called Alfredo. He spoke to me on ring two. I told him what i did and he said Ill be there Tuesday(it was Friday). He met my father and my dad said he was great. He trouble fixed what I did wrong replaced a part that I didnt have,at cost, and was very professional. This is my first place and I have an electrician for life. I recommended him to a friend and he showed up 8pm on a Friday night and fixed her problem...awesome."


    "This review is a few weeks old however I would like to say Alfredo is great. I did some DIY and it didn't work out. I called Alfredo after reading the review. Seemed very nice on the phone and attentive. He showed up on time. Did a great job. My master and medium rooms now have light. I would recommend him to my family and friends if they ever need help. As a new home owner I know it's important to have an ace electrician like Alfredo."

Allen E.

     La Mesa, CA

     "Alfredo was a big help and fixed the broken ceiling fan that we had no idea how to repair. He spent quite awhile trouble shooting the problems, and "undoing" my handywork. He was also very polite and professional. I have hired two other  Electric contractors and he was the best by far. I would definitely recommend him."

Barbara M.

    Lakeside, CA


    "Alfredo at Brilliant Electric is the best, the best, the best! He is a state certified General Electrician. He came over on a Friday night at 8pm and worked for two hours!! We had no power to half of our house and I was freakin out. Alfredo came over, found the problem within minutes. He explained everything to me and my husband in terms we understood! He had us up and running in no time. He was very professional, on time, knowledgeable, and yes we were impressed. He took his time making sure everything was in great working order. I would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring electric service. We intend to call him back to have him service another area very soon."

Valerie D.

    Santee, CA


     "I found Brilliant Electric right here on Yelp. Alfredo installed a ceiling fan in our living room. What made it difficult is that he had to also install the wiring since it didn't preexist and it is the first story of a two story house so there is not an attic. He was able to cut a few small holes and fish the wiring through and patched up the holes. He was prompt, professional, clean and very reasonable. I would definitely recommend his work to others."

Ruby D.

     San Diego, CA


     "alfredo is the best electrician ever! very professional, honest and prides himself in the quality of his work. a happy client is a repeat customer for life. will definitely recommend him to my family and friends. thank you, alfredo :)"

Daniel L.

     El Cajon, CA

      "I have been a bad yelper and have not posted a review for a long time.  Alfredo's great service has brought me out of the weeds to start reviewing again.  This review is long overdue...

I found Brilliant Electric here on yelp and our fellow yelpers did not steer us in the wrong direction.  Alfredo gave us an estimate over the phone that was very reasonable.  His work was impeccable.  He did not rush the job and he had great attention to detail.  I was very impressed with the finished project.  I would highly recommend Brilliant Electric for any electrical work you may need done."

Walden Family Services

     San Diego, CA

     "Alfredo at Brilliant Electric helped us with installing smoke alarms for one of our foster family homes. He gave us a great deal and was very eager to help. Now, a child that didnt have a home, has one because of his work. Our foster parent couldn't stop raving about the great job he did. I would recommend him to anyone that needs electric work done and will use him again with future foster homes. Thanks Alfredo!"

David R.

      La Mesa, CA

     "Owner Alfredo Carreno is fast friendly and reliable. He arrived on time and quickly diagnosed a problem with my circuit breaker. I was very happy with his service and I'll use him  again for any future electric work. Highly recommended."

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